Tulane application essays

Declining to answer this question will not negatively impact your application in any way.

Tulane University School of Medicine values the diversity of its patients, faculty, staff, and students. Do you identify with a particular group that you believe is underrepresented among medical professionals?

Tulane University Admission Requirements

These include groups oriented around, but not limited to: ethnicity, race, sexuality, religion, and economic background. Are you participating or have you participated in a study abroad program at your university? Please give a short description Words :. List any leadership positions, in clubs or organizations, you may have held during college words :. Are you currently working or have worked for one of the following organizations?

Americorps, Peace Corps, Teach for America If yes, please describe your work if you have worked or currently working with one of the organizations. Have you graduated? What have you been pursuing since you graduated? Please give a short description Words : 4. List any leadership positions, in clubs or organizations, you may have held during college words : 5. Please list your hobbies and major non-academic interests words : 6. If yes please give a short description words 1.

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Related Articles. Joan C. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I submitted mine early-mid November which obviously wasn't early enough , I would suggest getting it done by mid October. You won't regret your early on hard work! When I wrote my Why Tulane essay I focused on two aspects: 1 How Tulane's department of biomedical engineering what I'm studying provides one of the best educations in the field of the nation.

Tulane Students Must Leave Yale

As it has been stated, do your research. Don't say anything that you can't back up with facts or don't believe.

One last thing to keep in mind is that you can send in a rewritten draft of the essay if you aren't pleased with the initial version. I applied EA last year and got deferred. I'm guessing that this had at least something to do with the fact that my first version of the essay was very basic and cliche.

I emailed my admission rep and asked to resubmit the newer version and they were happy to comply. And just to give you a basis for length, my final version was around words.

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They told me it was a bit on the long side but as long as everything in it served a purpose it shouldn't be a hindrance. Good luck on the essay and on applying as a whole! I hope you are one of the lucky few who get to attend Tulane! November Can he update this essay in anyway?? November edited November TXDad56 Yes, he can absolutely send the essay to his admission person for Texas I assume by your name. Actually received the Acceptance the next day before he could write the essay. Very Surprised.

Finding Your Best Fit School: Spotlight on Tulane

He doesn't have outstanding stats. Trying to figure out what the hook was. No, I think it is because his stats put him so squarely in the Tulane "sweet spot" TxDad For the most part, the Why Tulane essay seems to be to identify those with Ivy level stats that are using Tulane for a safety. I am sure there are other things they like to see in it, but I have zero doubt that was its main purpose when they added it to the application years ago.

Those students often ignored the essay under the assumption their stats would be enough to get in, no problem. You should have seen the outrage on here when they got deferred in most cases. Clearly Tulane was not a safety for him, but a great fit academically if not even a bit of a challenge, and I can only imagine they saw other factors that make them think Tulane is a very real choice for him. I would bet the rest of his resume had enough to indicate a good fit. That would certainly indicate interest.

I was surprised not much was publicized about the team I did find some info today though. The team appears to be fairly new and student run. Here is the recent short article that is being referenced.

You never know when some topic that can add a lot to a Why Tulane essay will pop up. Yup that's the article I saw today! Recent Activity Chance me for Tulane! Why do schools offer Spring Admissions? Are they for lower stat kids?