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On the ice we support each other with positive comments. We need to play our positions and work together to support each other.

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Being part of a team means we have to listen to our coaches. We have to show up to practice and be on time. Our coaches help us learn and develop as players. We respect each other on and off the ice.

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Being a team is also respecting the other team. Someone has to win, lose or tie in every game and it may be our team next time. The most fun part for me is wearing my uniform. When people see me wearing my blue Whitby Wildcats jacket they know I am part of a team.

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They may know some of my friends. The might wish they were part of a team just like me. Being a part of a hockey team means many things to me. I live in a beautiful community with lots of nice people so I am proud to represent Fergus and Elora by playing hockey. When I go to another arena, I try to show good sportsmanship so that people know what a great community I come from.

Some of my best friends play on my hockey team and I am lucky to see them almost every day.

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Seeing my friends at the arena makes me feel calm and happy because they always make me laugh and cheer me on. When we go to tournaments, we get to stay at hotels. My friends and I swim in the pool together and play mini sticks in the halls of the hotels. Third, being part of a team is what allows me to play my favourite game, hockey.

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I like playing hockey for exercise, speed, shooting and passing. When I play hockey as a team, I love celebrating with my teammates when I score, cheering on my teammates, and working together to make nice plays. Being part of a team means representing my community, making friendships and playing the game I love. I know that on or off the ice, my teammates expect me to always try my hardest, to be a fair sport and to be a good person. We all represent each other on our teams, at school and in our community. Being in a team also means that I have friends to celebrate with and pals to support me when we don't do our best.

I am the goalie on our Minor Bantam AA team and being a goalie means that you are by yourself a lot of the time.

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Having my teammates to celebrate big wins with and to even share losses with makes me really feel like part of the team. We support each other. They congratulate me on big saves and I cheer for their beauty goals. Being a part of the team also gives me a sense of pride. When you belong on a team you feel proud to walk into the arena with your dress clothes on, and to go to events with your matching coats and hats.

Everyone recognizes that you belong to the Nighthawks and want to ask questions and talk about hockey with you. And finally, belonging to a team means that I will have friends for life. Lots of my teammates have played with me since we were little. We have become close friends and I know that once we are older, and have our own kids in hockey, we will help coach their teams and probably play in a men's league together - as teammates again. Being a part of a team means keeping your focus on what hockey is truly about, which is having fun.

It may be surprising that a good team is not always a team that wins most of their games, it is a team that works together, whether on or off the ice. It is a team that is willing to learn from their mistakes, and keep a positive attitude. A good team constantly watches for ways they can learn from their losses. A good team supports each other, and includes everyone. Morbitzer encountered unreasonable administrative resistance to recruiting YAL members, while seeing his petition circulation efforts confined to a miniscule free speech zone that represented just 0.

Why is free speech so important that courageous students go to court to defend it? Why do wayward universities so fearfully control it? The answer to both questions lies in the tremendous power of free speech. Listening to contrary opinions and engaging in respectful discussions about political or intellectual issues are both valuable opportunities that college students should experience.

Hearing opposing viewpoints encourages people to challenge their own beliefs and to engage in self-reflection. Free speech enables this practice of critical thinking and constant expansion of knowledge. This undercuts the guiding principle of a liberal arts education, which is to give all students a diverse educational foundation, rather than simply confirm already-held beliefs.

Most college students graduate believing that a degree from a prestigious school and connections built through internships will be enough to succeed in life. But it is the skills learned, not the parchments earned, that really prepare college students for their careers. When employed, students must collaborate with others, listen respectfully to directions, and think analytically.

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Free speech fosters those critical abilities and teaches about reality. College campuses do students no favors by sheltering them from free ideas, or by teaching students that only like-minded opinions matter. Colleges exist to prepare an educated workforce, and acceptance of free speech is just one important skill to be taught.

College administrations pretend that free speech endangers democracy and peace because it offers a voice to small, potentially dangerous fringe groups and revolutionary ideas. Colleges fear that these radical groups could gain power and coerce others to join them if students heard their viewpoints.

http://bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/map47.php Ironically, it is the presence of these diverse factions that protects democracy.