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Once more, cataclysmic events upended how humans viewed history. Additionally, South Africa has made reparations to victims of apartheid crimes , and American universities like Georgetown have offered preferential admission to descendants of slaves. The deluge of historical examination via alternate history novels has continued unabated into the 21 st century, and grown so much that annual awards now recognize the best of the genre.

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Whether authors make arguments that changes to history could have resulted in a modern utopia or dystopia, all seem eager to delve into the historical record in search of opportunities to break it. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology.

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The Innovative Spirit. Travel Taiwan. American South. Travel With Us. Start a Wiki. Background Edit Other names which may apply to the form include alternative history, allohistory, counterfactuals, if-worlds, uchronia and uchronie, parallel worlds, what-if stories, abwegige geschichten, etc. Eric Flint and alternate history Edit Flint has written several alternate history works including the Belisarius series , the series , and the Trail of Glory series.


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An alternate history where the Mughal Empire remains strong, leading to a world dominated by the nations of India and Europe, with somewhat more rapid technological development than in the real world. Monarchy World Tony Jones. An alternate history where there are three superpowers, the British, Russian and Chinese Empires, engaged in a three-way nuclear balance of power. Clay's War " Thaddeus Holt.

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An excerpt from a much longer work, "The Prince of the Rocky Mountains," based on the proposition that Napoleon did not sell Louisiana but escaped to New Orleans in , while Alexander Hamilton survived his duel with Aaron Burr. Ong's Hat by Ong's Hat, New Jersey is an Internet legend that deals with a group of renegade scientists from Princeton that developed a means of travel to parallel universes and fled this Universe to found a colony in another world.

Puritan World Tony Jones. Britain never becomes a world power. By , the New Commonwealth, a totalitarian Puritan theocracy controlling all of North America, Britain, Australia and most of Japan, has recently begun a world war against the combined European powers of the Octuple Alliance.

The timeline currently continues up to the spring of and beyond.

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After the war Charles de Gaulle seizes power in France, and plans a war of vengeance against the Germans. Southern Cone Under the British Y.

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An alternate history or parallel universe where British soldiers, under General John Whitelocke, succeed in conquering Buenos Aires in